5 Important Steps to Escape Your Debt

Regardless of where you live, chances are that almost everyone you know, in some way, owes money to someone else. They could owe money with their cars, credit cards as well as private loans. They have satellite television and infinity pools, basketball all-season tickets and maybe even designer clothing. If we examine by appearance, the average family looks like they have made it.

However, the numbers actually say otherwise. It was found that the average person could have some amount of substantial debt that sometimes becomes unmanageable. And if you look around, it's actually easy to see why.

If you're in debt and are ready to change your habits, then it's important to understand that it’s never too late. You can still change your attitude, change your spending behaviour, and learn how it is to live within your means every single day. It’s definitely not easy, but this is the only way to free yourself from the debt you’re in. Here are five important steps to escape your debt:


Track your spending

Many end up in debt because the amount they spend is more than the amount they earn. As such, the only way to remedy this is to examine your spending weaknesses and find ways to address them. Begin by looking and studying your bank statements from the last couple of months to determine where your money has gone to. Do you eat out a lot? Do you pay large amounts of money for entertainment? Take the information you discover to understand your spending weaknesses. When you recognize the problem, getting your spending under control will be so much easier.

Confront all of your debts

When you're already deep in debt, it’s just too easy to stick your head in the sand. But doing this doesn’t solve anything – it actually perpetuates the problem by letting your debt grow. Before making a plan on how to become debt-free, it is best to first list down what you are going to address. List down your debts individually. Ensure that the information is updated – such as the current balance to ensure that your plan will be accurate.

Start a debt snowball

The snowball method is one of the best ways to escaping debt. Start by arrangingyour debts, either by balance amount or by interest rate. Then,start paying the minimum for all of them,save for the one that you've decided you want to finish off first. Many choose to pay off their debts starting with the smallest balances, while others go for the debt with the highest interest rates. Honestly, there is no right way. But it is important to stick to your initial plan – if you are paying the smallest, then pay it off before going to another debt.

Don't aggravate the problem

Now that you have begun making progress against your debt, it may sometimes be very tempting to let go and celebrate. However, it is important that you do not fall under the same traps that got you in debt in the first place. As such, exercise discipline and embrace your new and more practical lifestyle. Do not buy anything you cannot afford. Buy things with cash, and only after you have actually saved and paid your bills for the month.

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